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Nearly 37 Muslim Brotherhood members, including two leading figures, were arrested yesterday while participating in a summer youth camp in the northwest coastal city of Marsa Matrouh.
Nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political office were imprisoned for 15 days pending investigations on charges of joining an illegal group, which aims to hamper the implementation of the constitution and the law and possessing leaflets, which call for hatred for the regime and which...
Nearly 480 people, including 314 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested on charges of organizing unauthorized demonstrations in support of the judges, who blew the whistle on election fraud.
The declaration of the start of the Labor Union elections is seen by observers as a war whoop for a battle between members of the Muslim Brotherhood and pro-government candidates.
Members of the People’s Assembly have warned that the government is turning a blind eye to the conspiracy being plotted by the American administration to abolish religious education.
Some people think that the Muslim Brothers have been successful in proving themselves in the political arena in Egypt. They may have paid a price, but to them, it is well worth it. They surprised everyone by organizing unprecedented protests in 18 governances involving 70,000 protestors on...
Al-Ahrar paper reported that some Muslim Brotherhood members ran and won in the latest elections of the ruling National Democratic Party [NDP]. They were able, through agreements with some NDP members, to occupy prominent positions in the NDP. Sources related to the Muslim Brotherhood said that...
A court in Cairo gave a ruling to an airline agency to compensate a pilot who was dismissed for wearing a hejab. It decided to cancel the dismissal of the female pilot and ordered her re-instatement and payment of her salary for the period she was suspended.
The author provides a commentary on the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing its actions and beliefs, and warning that it is gaining substantial ground toward becoming the political leaders of perhaps multiple Arab nations.
The Azhar has decided to ban a book on Islam taught at the American University in Cairo. The book, entitled "Wahabist Islam” is considered an attack Islam, contesting the validity of the Holy Qur’ān.


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