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In his address before the imāms and preachers on Thursday (October 25), President Mursī said the Ummah (Nation) will never rise without a conviction, as if the Egyptian society has never known convictions and faiths before the Muslim Brotherhood made their way to power.
A quarrel erupted on August 22 between Islamists and leftists following Dr. ‘Isām ‘Iryān’s attack on the latter.  ‘Iryān, acting leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, accused leftists of receiving foreign funds and acting superior towards the people. (Ahmad ‘Alām, al-Misrī al-Yawm, August 23, p...
Background: Shiḥāta Hārūn (1920–16.3.2001), one of the founding members of Ḥizb al-Tajammuʿ (National Progressive Unionist Party) and former lawyer is an Egyptian Jew. He was also among the many Egyptians arrested in 1967. His Jewish identity is intertwined with Egypt’s history and he never left...
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) inaugurated the new building of the MB party "Freedom and Justice" on May 21, 2011, in al-Muqattam. Each of both potential presidential candidate 'Amr Mūsá and Hamdīn Sabāhī, as well as 'Abd al-'Azīz Hijāzī, Rif'at al-Sa'īd, Sāmih 'Āshūr, Mahfūz 'Azām, Ambassador Rifā'...
Al-Wafd interviews Rif‘at al-Sa‘īd asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
The author discusses the release of Aymān Nūr the political prisoner that has recently been released. The article debates whether or not he was released following foreign pressure and charts his political career.
The bill for a unified law for building places of worship is still waiting idly to be placed on parliament’s agenda once the parliamentary recess is over. Several Members of Parliament discuss their views.
The author highlights incidents in Egypt in the last month that deal with religions and relations between Muslims and Christians, he believes that these incidents are representative of Egyptian attitude in general toward religions. He concludes by wondering if Egypt is going backwards.
Ḥasan ‘Allām interviews Dr. Maḥmūd Ḥamdī Zaqzūq, Egyptian minister of religious endowments, who speaks about important issues of concern to Muslims.
The article exposes the reason for the Ministry of Endowments’ delay in the project to unify the Adhān. The project still teeters between the minister of endowments and the rejecters in the religious committee in People’s Assembly.


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