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The Islamic groups’ lawyer, Muntasir al-Zayyāt comments on the Islamic groups’ ideologue Sayyid Imām, his recently issued revisions and his interview with al-Hayāh.
This week’s articles about the reactions to the introspections of the Jihād Group showed an extent of sympathy for the conditions of Islamist detainees and even the ones who have just been released.
The Egyptian press analyzes the various repercussions of the declared introspections of the Jihād Group. Political observers and specialists in political Islam differ in their evaluation of these introspections.
Māhir Ḥasan interviews three journalists who presented their opinions on the future of journalism in Egypt; Fārīdah al-Naqqāsh, editor-in chief of al-Ahālī, Muh...
A Muslim Brotherhood key leader Dr. ‘Isām al-‘Iryān has reportedly stated that his group will recognize the existence of Israel if they come to power. The statement has provoked anger amongst members and leaders of the banned group because they abidingly reject Israel as an independent state in the...
The author criticizes the media in Egypt for only furthering adding to divisions between Muslims and Christians, and the need to spread a culture of tolerance.
The screening of the movie ?Baheb al-Sima? [I Love Cinema] triggered much debate between angry Christian clerics and activists on one hand and advocates of freedom of expression on the other hand. The following is a list of articles concerning the reactions towards the screening of “Baheb al-Sima.”
A meeting was held in the Swiss Club between the Muslim Brotherhood and European diplomats under the supervision of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, head of the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Developmental Studies. Some papers report that this meeting is one of the reasons behind the latest campaign of the government...
Articles in this week?s papers about the Muslim Brotherhood discuss four issues: the detention of 18 of its members, its role as a source of terrorism in Egypt, the future possibility of its participation in political life, and its activities in the Bar Association.
The review covers comments on the Brotherhood?s annual Iftar celebration, the funeral of its general guide, the history of the group and the conflicts among the brothers over the position of the general guide.


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