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Marwá al-Shirbīnī’s funeral steals the limelight in Egypt.
The grand imām of the Azhar and the archbishop of Canterbury call for collaboration between believers of heavenly regions to establish peace and justice in the world.
"The Azhar and the West; dialogue and communication," this was the title of the conference that was held on January 3, 2009. The following lines present extracts from the words of Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, president of the Azhar University, Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, grand imām of the Azhar and Dr. Mahmūd...
Grand Imām Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī had a hearing at the Giza Criminal Court regarding the lawsuit filed against two journalists.
In an interview with Gerrit Roos of Reformatorisch Dagblad and Cornelis Hulsman, Bishop Marqus highlights the problems facing Christians in Egypt today. These problems include issues such as church building, conversion, the Egyptian education system and the emigration of Christians abroad.
Hulsman flags up articles 5-8 in this issue that concern sūrah 2:256 of the Qur’ān and whether it is abrogated or not. He also draws the reader’s attention to a number of article that focus on issues that threaten the social peace of society
The grand imām of the Azhar has visited Lebanon, some sources see the trip as a sign of Tantāwī’s support for the politician Sa’ad al-Hariri.
The article comments on a report that appeared on the Islam Online website in which the grand imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyīd Tantāwī emphasizes the importance of not granting Bahā’īs official legitimacy by recognizing their religion on their personal identification papers.
The author discusses Ambassador Khattāb’s comments about his article regarding the American Presbyterian Church’s interference in the Child Law. He also critiques interference of NGOs utilizing foreign funds in Egyptian governmental affairs.
The Episcopal Church in 2007: a visit to China, Iran and to Libya where two churches were inaugurated after four centuries of imposed absence due to political reasons.


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