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The article mentions books that have been banned or approved by the Islamic Research Academy.
The Administrative Court has adjourned Jamāl al-Bannā’s lawsuit against the Grand imām of the Azhar and the minister of interior banning his books from being exported.
The article discusses the Azhar Grand Imām Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī’s lawsuit against the chief editor of al-Fajr daily in the context of legal claims that may lead to imprisonment of journalists for what they write.
This article comments on the potential imprisonment of ‘Ādil Hammūdah and defends his position.
The Grand Imām of the Azhar is still intent on filing a law suit against the editor in chief of al-Fajr.
The article discusses the relations between NGOs and donor organizations, pointing to the specifics involving the Child’s Law.
The new American ambassador to Cairo seeks to open communication channels with the Azhar and calls for an effective cooperation.
In the article, a new legislation prevents marriage before the age of 18 and allows mothers to call their babies by their own names has stirred huge controversy on the religious level.
The article reviews recent sentences that key members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement have received that reflect the ongoing security drive over the group.
While the majority of Muslims call to boycott The Netherlands because of the offensive movie ’Fitna,’ some extremists attacked Dutch interests in certain countries. However, Dr, ‘Alī Jum‘ah, the muftī of Egypt explained the way he reacted: “I carried the Glorious Qur’ān, kissed it and read it for...


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