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Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, the Sheikh of the Azhar Mosque, denounced the explosions that took place lately in the American Embassies and said that this is a result of America giving refuge to terrorists.
A heated confrontation took place between the Sheikh of the Azhar and Dr. Mustafa Imam, professor in the Faculty of Arabic Language at the Azhar University, during a press conference held by the Sheikh last Tuesday.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, the Sheik of the Azhar Mosque, launched a violent attack on the press and some Arab satellite channels accusing them of wanting the project of developing the education at the Azhar to fail.
Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar University, discusses several religious issues with the students from the University of Alexandria in a meeting with them during their summer camp.
Sheik Tantawi received this week a message from Pope John Paul II on the importance of stepping up cooperation among Muslims and Christians.
Sheik Mohammed Tantawi nominated Sheikh Fawzi El-Zefzaf, deputy chairman of the Azhar, to be the new head of the Front of Azhar scholars after Cairo governor Abdel-Rehim Shehata ordered the dissolution of the 15-man board of directors of the Front.
Members of founding committee of the International Islamic Council for Daawa and Aid ask for a united position against the Israeli Judaization of Jerusalem and the American Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
After the Muslim public thought that the match between the Grand Imam and the scholars’ front has reached its end by the annulment of the front, they now discover that a battle has ended but that the war goes on.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi said in a speech that all those who hold the Egyptian nationality are equal in rights and duties.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi said that all religions aim at the happiness of man. He also said that in Egypt all Egyptians are equal in rights and duties.


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