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The disagreement between Dr. Mohammed Said Tantawi and the opponents to the new reforms of the Azhar university escalates.
An autobiography of the phenomenal preacher. The translator added the references to many other articles which appeared about sheikh Sha’arawi in the Egyptian press.
The Azhar schools sector has begun to take actual steps towards the execution of the decree reducing the school years in the secondary level to three.
Dr. Ismael presents an opinion opposing to the law.
Sheik The Azhar presents a defense of the law reducing the duration of the secondary section of The Azhar education to three instead of four years. The main argument in the debate that this issue aroused is whether or not the theological education of The Azhar students will be affected.
The Sheik of The Azhar mosque and the Pope called together for affirmative action against Israel.
[Also in Al-Osbua and Al-Athnain of the same date] The parliament witnessed a heated session with Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, sheik of the Azhar mosque, who fiercely attacked those who insult the Azhar and opposing his plan of reform.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi says the personal status law does not contradict the religious doctrine in any way. The application of the law is, however, the duty of the judge who may use his own judgment.
Sheik Tantawi, the sheik of Al-Azhar mosque denied having told the French interior minister that Muslim women in France may forgo wearing the veil in schools according to a report by Agance France Presse, denied by MENA.
Because of the attack of Selim Naguib, the RNSAW included the full text of the Report of the Council of Churches which concludes "It does not appear that the national government condones any acts of persecution of the Christian minority in Egypt." But " This is not to say that there is no...


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