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Al- Jamā‘a al-Islāmīya is planning to have a more significant presence within the Bar Association in the coming period, lawyer of al-Jamā‘a al-Islāmīya in Egypt and member of the Bar Association, Muntasir al-Zayyāt told Rose al-Yousuf.
‘Amr Farouq discusses the role of Mukhtar Nouh, formerly of the Muslim Brotherhood but now leader of the Maan [Together] group in the Lawyer’s Syndicate.
The interview with the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, that was published in the previous issue of the paper, confirmed that the contemporary Islamic movement in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in specific are strongly advised to revise their way of thinking, their relationship with the...
Mukhtar Nouh, journalist at Sawt al-Umma newspaper, tries to show the positive relationship between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation?
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
The author argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is an autocratic group which thrives on being a one-man-show. He suggests that the shoura [consultation] of the Brotherhood is purely superficial and scrutinizing the history of the Brotherhood, he finds precedents for the sanctity of the murshid in the...
Though some members of Egypt’s Bar Association belong to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the association has now confronted some of the issues that jeopardize its unity and coherence.
The amendment of the law on parties has done away with party politics in Egypt as the draft law has increased the number of signatories needed to establish a party to 1,000
Sawt al-Umma received a document including a long complaint from 17 young elements from the Muslim Brotherhood including their views on the internal dynamics of the organization and how it seems like in deep need for reform.


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