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Pope Shenouda III isolated Father Benyamin, former bishop of the holy Virgin and Saint Athanasius Church in Cyprus due to alleged financial corruption. The Coptic Orthodox community there complained to Pope Shenouda and called for their isolated bishop to be reinstated.
Muná al-Mallākh reports on the opinions of Coptic clergy and laymen to the newly-proposed amendments of the panel to elect the pope.
The authors of the article argue that citizenship is the only solution to achieve equality between followers of different religions in a country. They discuss the issue with Muslim and Coptic intellectuals.
The author reviews significances of the symbolic nature of the clergy’s garments, and the history of the craft of manufacturing such kind of clothes.
The following press review reveals facts about the permission and prevention of a second marriage in the Coptic Orthodox Church. The church does not have a double standard, but it rather considers the details of every particular case.
Priest Philopater has been pardoned after completely distancing himself from politics and from participating in any political party.
Muná al-Mallākh reports about the different opinions of eminent Christian figures concerning disputes in the church.
Karima, the youngest daughter of a poor Christian villager in Durunka is the heroine of the latest story of conversions of young Christian girls to Islām. Karima’s attempted conversion was about to ignite the fire of strife in Assiut.
A list of articles published in Arabic press available in Egypt on ?the passion of the Christ?.
The recently canceled church trial of the bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī, Bishop Kyrillos, has raised questions over the standards of these trials and the secretary-general of the Holy Synod’s role in the trials.


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