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The Evangelical election scheduled for March 23, 2007, is expected to be more exciting this time. Dr. Rev. Makram Najīb is running for head of the denomination against Dr. Re. Ṣafwat al-Bayyāḍī.
The author of the article refers to a conflict that arose between the church and the Coptic newspaper Watanī, and discusses the church’s relationship with the Coptic press over the past century.
The controversy around the TV show Awan al-Ward, which presented a mixed marriage between a Muslim and Christian, escalated this week with three cases filed against its author. Many Egyptian and Arabic-language papers dedicated much space to the film. Al-Ḥayāt said Awān al-Ward raised controversy...
An investigation into the reality of kidnapping Christian girls in one of the Egyptian governorates.
Family members and Christians demand to see the Christian woman Muna Qiryāqus, who married her Muslim colleague Khālid Taha in al-Fayūm.
The author reviews an old article of Pope Shenouda published in 1951. The article expresses the Pope’s opinion on the idea of establishing a churches union.
The article deals with the reasons behind splits in the Egyptian church like the defection of Hābīl Tawfīq and Max Michel, who both want to set up churches independent from the mother Coptic Orthodox church, in addition to attempts by the Mormons to build their own church in al- Ma‘ādī, in...
The Egyptian churches have agreed not to seek a ban on Dan Brown’s controversial movie but will instead launch anti-Da- Vinci-Code campaign.
In Samālout, al-Minya governorate, the Holy Family reached Jabal al-Tayr on their blessed journey. On the first of June every year, many Egyptians celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.
If you are Christian, 10,000 pounds, the price of a forged certificate that indicates the conversion to another denomination or religion, is the cost of divorce.


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