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The article deals with the issue of the defrocking of priests and monks as 50 clergymen have been defrocked during the past five years, the most recent of whom were two priests in al-Jīza parish who were defrocked for committing financial excesses and violating canon laws.
In an interview with al- Musawwar, Habīl Tawfīq Sa‘īd, a self-styled ‘priest,’ speaks about the independent Orthodox denomination of the “Sons of St. Paul the apostle,” which he founded in 1982 and which then included 3.5 million Coptic Orthodox members from all over the world.
Father Mīnā Ishaq Hābīl was defrocked of his ministerial credentials and removed from the Giza Bishopric Church for financial irregularities, the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate announced yesterday in a statement.
The article focuses on the disagreement among Christian denominations on ordaining women as elders after the Evangelical church inaugurated a woman as an elder.
In an interview with al-Qāhira, scriptwriter Fāyiz Ghālī speaks out on his upcoming movie on the life of Jesus Christ.
Though the Coptic Orthodox Church has initiated preparations for the elections of al-Majlis al-Mīlī, some Copts are still calling for amending the council’s law.
The article is an interview with Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III. He comments on the relation between the church and the state, opposition within the church, divorce among Copts, homosexuality, his relations with former president Sadāt and his relation with Archpriest Mattá al-Maskīn [Yūsuf...
The counselor of Pope Shenouda III stated in the Third Family Conference for the Coptic Church, held recently in Tanta, that sexual problems are behind 25% of Coptic divorce cases. He added that the new personal status law for Christians includes other conditions for divorce rather than marital...
A Coptic group calling themselves the Coptic reform group [Editor: Not found on the Internet. No official title for this group] are challenging the church and working to unseat some Church leaders. Coptic thinkers and leaders of the Church respond.
Pope Shenouda III delivered a 45-minute speech on the occasion of his 51st monasticism anniversary ceremony. The ceremony lasted for 17 hours and throughout Pope Shenouda showed no signs of sickness, exhaustion or boredom, refuting the rumors about his health.


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