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After Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, accepted the resignation of Bishop Mitias - Bishop of Greater Mahalla – on April 22, the Mahalla Church came under the direct guardianship of the Pope, assisted by Bishop Bīshouy – Bishop of Damietta.
The emergence of the first over-dissident movement in the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church has raised many questions and sparked heated debate in Coptic circles which suspect a Zionist conspiracy.
The Egyptian Federation for Human Rights has petitioned the pope to extenuate the ruling against Father Filopātīr Jamīl, a priest suspended for two years on charges of betraying the church.
The celebration of 150 years of presence of the Evangelical Church [e.g. the Presbyterian denomination] in Egypt stressed both the universality and the deep-rootedness of this Church in Egyptian society. Held in a true spirit of celebration, prayer and thanksgiving, the event was also a perfectly...
Celebrating the Evangelical Church’s 150 years of ministry in Egypt, Munā al-Mallākh writes on the history of Evangelicalism in Egypt.
The T.V. channel, Aghābī, will start transmission on November 14, the 34th anniversary of the ascent to the Papal Chair of Pope Shenouda III. The channel will be headed and supervised by the Pope together with a committee comprising 114 Church members, metropolitans and bishops of the Coptic...
The Egyptian Catholic Church has denied a statement by the Roman Catholic Church stating that parts of the Holy Bible are not actually true.
The Coptic Orthodox Church objects to the second international conference of the U.S. Copts Association scheduled for October 12 in Washington.
Mamdouh Nakhla, who submitted a proposal to establish a Coptic party, answers questions about the objectives of such a party.
The writers give a meticulous analysis to the false ideas revealed in the folk beliefs of some Muslims and Christians. These ideas create a relation between the signs of the Judgment Day and the American-British invasion of Iraq. The article describes how Israelis are exploiting these claims. The...


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