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Al-Koshh, is the village that excited the world in August 1998, and had a place in all news broadcasts - in the morning and the evening, we heard its news! Al-Koshh - the famous Upper Egypt village - how did it live Ramadan this year? Especially since 75% of its inhabitants are Copts and 25%...
Bishop Bishoi is the head of the church court and he is the secretary of the Holy Synod. He answered all questions which have been raised because of the story of the body of father Abdel Sayed and why it was forbidden to pray over the body of father Abdel Sayed.
Concerning the monk who held a prayer over the body of Priest Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed, Father Bishoi said that the Coptic Church was not sure whether Aghathon, the monk, prayed over the body or not. If the Church proved that, then this monk should be punished.
The wife of Father Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed and all the family of the priest are asking: Is it possible to ask Pope Shenouda to forgive this family which has no enmity towards the church, and allow to hold the fortieth-day prayer which the members of the family will participate in, in order to forget...
Dr. Milad Hanna commented on the Pope’s decision not to pray over the body of Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed. He said that he was not on good terms with the Pope... Since he was still a priest when he died, what is the point of the Pope’s objection to praying over Father Abdel Sayyed’s body?
Historical facts and evidences prove that Egyptian monasteries and Coptic churches in the Christian era were a centre for study, copying and inscribing manuscripts and documents of the Coptic era. There was rarely a church that didn’t have a library. Monks were clever at inscribing and binding...
Mir Qibly is an Egyptian village which lies in the heart of the Qasqam mountain which is near Assiut in Upper Egypt. This is where the Holy Family lived for one hundred and eighty-five days in order to avoid King Herod who was hunting for them.
Some sources are attributing the decision of dismissal of monk Antonios Al-Gowargi from Al-Khatatba Monastery and removal of his monastic rank to his circulation of rumors against Father Bimoua, priest and head of Mar Girgis Monastery.


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