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The ‘citizens in one homeland’ group has published a document entitled ‘the Egyptian national church, future visions’ and has called on the church to stay out of the political sphere.
The Citizens in One Homeland group discuss their hopes, goals and raison d’etre.
The following article presents a critique of media outlets and how they help to fuel the flames of sectarian sedition, spreading rumors before first validating their facts.
A draft document was issued by a number of Coptic thinkers. The main issues therein were Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, the increasing sectarian tension, and the possible means of escaping the crisis. The final version of the document will be issued soon.
Muhammad al-Bāz reviews the ideas of a newly-established group called ’Citizens in One Homeland.’
The statements made by Pope Shenouda in his interview with Al-Musawwar magazine have met with mixed reactions, especially what he said about reserving a certain number of parliamentary seats for Copts. Some people expressed doubts that the pope made such a statement. Others condemned it and a third...
A number of Egyptian Copts and clergy respond to ‘Adlī Abādīr’s invitation to the Washington conference, scheduled for November 17.
A discussion of sectarian tensions and citizenship rights in Egypt, based on a discussion on Watani Forum.
An animated session of Watani Forum hosted a round-table discussion on Christians of the Arab World. Participating were a number of Egyptian intellectuals and religious figures, as well as Lebanese Jesuit Brother Danny Younis.
The Egyptian movement for change – Kifāya, literally ‘enough’- has gained a foothold on the political arena and has become the focus of much debate among supporters and opponents. Supporters of Kifāya enthuse about its message and activity, and place high hopes on its campaign for political change...
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