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Al-Zayyāt, the lawyer of the Islamic groups, assures the Jihād Organization’s decision to cease violence enjoys the support of the leading figures within the Islamic groups.
The article talks about Sayyid Imām, the muftī of the Jihād Organization, and his repentance.
Attorney of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah Muntasir al-Zayyāt intends to file a lawsuit in Italy on behalf of Cleric Usāmah Hasan Muṣṭafá, known as Abu Umar, who was kidnapped from Milan by the U.S. intelligence, abused and extradited to the Egyptian authorities.
Despite the public uproar, the constitutional amendments were approved in a vote in Parliament. While the government and its advocators assert the importance of the amendments in enhancing democracy and supporting people, the opposition considers them an enhancement of the powers of the ruling and...
Al-Zayyāt, the author, talks about the philosophies of Islamic movements who have adopted violent approaches when dealing with the authorities.
Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt, the author, talks about reasons and targets of violence-based Islamic movements in the Islamic world.
‘Abd Allāh Kamāl, the author, comments on an article authored by Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt in which he describes late thinker of Islamic groups, Sayyid Qutb, as a martyr.
The article says that fundamentalist lawyer Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt has launched a website to spread his fundamentalist concepts.
The visit of Shaykh Qaradawi to the UK trigged angry British media responses. The Shaykh was described as an extremist, a radical and a hard-liner. Shaykh Qaradawi’s support of martyrdom operations carried out by Palestinians and his calls for punishing homosexuals were highlighted as evidence of...
The Egyptian government has recently released 1000 members of the Gama?a Al-Islamiya on the occasion of the anniversary of the October 6 war. Significantly, Karam Zuhdi, leader of the group, and Fou?ad Muhammad Al-Dawalibi and Essam Abdel-Magad, members of the Shura Council of the group, have also...


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