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The article reviews a number of articles on the contested campaigns of members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group over the upcoming local council elections.
The author presents the assassination of two key Egyptian politicians of the 20th century and the role that the Muslim Brotherhood played in an attempt to expose how the banned group has been following terrorist thoughts.
In the article, Bayyūmī reviews how films portray the influential role of men of religion in society. Films on specific religious characters or events aside, the majority of movies present a controversial image of those who hold the title of shaykh.
The article talks about fears of using violence by the banned Muslim Brotherhood group in order to reach power in Egypt, following in the steps of its ally the Ḥamās group in Gaza.
The writer presents famous examples of successful Egyptian women who changed society.
The article presents a brief review of some literary works on the hajj, to show how literature has been influenced by religious values in society.
The declaration to establish the Muslim Brotherhood party has triggered a big reaction in the media. Some consider the move to be a political maneuver, due to the dilemma the Brotherhood passed through after students connected to it held a parade at the Azhar University. Others saw it as a step...
Islam is a moderate religion that rejects discrimination and restrictions.
Although the Criminal Court has issued a verdict canceling a decision of the High State Security Prosecution putting two prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Dr ‘Isām al- ‘Iryān and Muhammad Mursī, under house arrest, many criticized the group for adhering to a vague political and religious...
Rose al-Yūsuf is a democratic magazine established by an outstanding remarkable woman who played a leading role in Egyptian history. ‘Izzat attacks the thesis and its author describing him as the doctor of heterodoxy.


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