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The controversy over the reality of Prophet Mohammed’s intercession on Doomsday has been dramatically aggravated after controversial thinker Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud repeatedly emphasized that there is no such a thing as intercession. His opinion stirred the emotions of Sheikhs and Muslim scholars who...
Among the leading opponents to what Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud is saying about the non-existence of the intercession of the Prophet Muhammed and the rejection of the Sunna is Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem, president of the prestigious Azhar University. In this interview with Al-Musawwar he tried to answer all...
Nowadays, the newspapers are witnessing a number of articles that are planting doubt about the things which are fixed in Islam and do not change such as the Sunna, the Sharia, Islamic jurisprudence and Al-Iktihad (explanation).
Whenever there is any dispute about a religious matter, all the people will be waiting for the opinion of Al-Azhar or its fatwa [legally binding opinion] concerning this matter. This will relieve people of their doubts. But when the Azhar keeps silent... then who will answer?
[Also repeated in Al-Ahrar May 26, 1999] Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, the State Mufti of Egypt, says there is no dispute over the intercession of the Prophet Mohammed for Muslims on the Day of Judgment and gives two Qur’anic references to back his stance.
An answer to an article written in Al-Ahram on May 5, 1999 by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud in which he said that intercession [by the Prophet Mohammed for Muslims on the Day of Judgment] is not valid and this is because the holy verses [in the Qur’an] contradict the Hadith.
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud’s reply to the angry reactions to his understanding concerning the intercession of the Prophet Mohammed for Muslims on the Day of Judgment. [He doesn’t believe that the Prophet Mohammed can intercede for believers.]
Dr. Mahmoud argues that there cannot be any form of intercession on the Day of Judgment because if it happened it would be a form of injustice and favoritism, and this is impossible taking into consideration the justice of Allah. The Azhar scholars have criticized him for this view.
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud recently provoked the anger of many Muslim scholars and the general public, by his recent denial of the concept of the Prophet Mohammed’s intercession on behalf of believers on the Day of Judgment.
The Al-Azhar Scholars’ Front returns and its last president says they will concentrate on issues concerning the Sunna [Islamic tradition], and will be confronting the Ibn Khaldoun Centre. They are also willing to let bygones be bygones with Sheikh Sayyed Tantawi, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar.


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