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Although apostasy cases are few, the media’s exaggerated coverage and its portrayal of these cases as a general phenomenon, angering both Muslims and Christians and threatening to ignite sectarian sedition.
Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research ‘Amr ‘Izzat Salāma said conferences held by the Arab League discussed the importance of correcting the tarnished image of Islām in the West.
The article is an interview with Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, the former Mufti of Egypt and member of the Islamic Research Institute, about the status in Iraq and Palestine.
Dr. Margo Badran, American professor of Islamic Culture at Northwestern University, interviewed the Mufti of Egypt on the position of women in Islam. The Mufti refuted western allegations in that respect.
The Middle East Research Center at Ain Shams University organized a seminar titled "Islam and Christianity standing up to Western claims.” Muslim and Christian participants called for setting out a unified Arab strategy in order to face Western claims and Zionist spite. They praised Egyptian...
In a lecture given at the Journalists’ Syndicate, Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi explained that the prophet was tolerant in dealing with People of the Book [Jews and Christians], and that is why they are called “People of the Book.”
Dr. Al-Awa stated that Copts are no longer Ahl-Al-Dhimma [free non-Muslim subject living in a Muslim country, who in return for paying capital tax, receives protection and safety] Instead they are the original natives of Egypt. When Egypt was occupied by European countries, Copts and Muslims united...
Many people confuse fatwa and personal opinions. For instance, the resistance in Iraq, the US occupation of Iraq or the abuse of the Holy Qur’ān are matters that have to do with opinions, not fatwa, said Mufti of the Republic Shaykh ‘Alī Jum‘a in an interview.
Pope John Paul II said that the war on Iraq is unjust and unethical. Pope Shenouda stated that what Sharon and Bush do has nothing to do with Judaism and Christianity. The head of the Egyptian High Synod said that the US speaks about democracy and freedom at the time it practices aggression and...
Recently, Egypt has witnessed an honest and great competition between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. We have found that the Christian is donating for building a mosque and the Muslim is donating for restoring a church for the Copts.


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