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The article calls for reform in religious media that has been engaged in undesirable heated debates over the interpretations of religion, which widen the gap of misunderstanding between followers of different faiths.
‘Alā’ ‘Azmī reports on the opinions of political and legal experts concerning the constitutional amendments and the concepts of the civil and religious state.
The screening of the movie ?Baheb al-Sima? [I Love Cinema] triggered much debate between angry Christian clerics and activists on one hand and advocates of freedom of expression on the other hand. The following is a list of articles concerning the reactions to the screening of “Baheb al-Sima.”
Questioning the religious dimension of the war on Iraq is the focus of many articles covering the war. Different publications shed light on Bush’s religious background in an effort to establish a link between his religious tendencies and the war. Others wonder whether the war is a new crusade...
The writer tackles the idea of reforming religious sermons, whether Islamic or Christian, through Dr. Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh’s book entitled, ‘The Religious Speech in the Egyptian Mass Media in the Ninety’s.’
Some intellectuals comment on Christians’ political activities.
The veil crisis has deeply exposed the crisis of the Egyptian ruling system and of the Muslim Brotherhood who represents the opposition in the parliament and in the street.
Under the headline, ’Citizenship and the State,’ Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh writes aboutMuhammad ‘Alī Pāshā’s success in building a modern Egyptian state, based on justice and the equality of all citizens before the law.
The arrival of the American committee investigating religious freedom in Egypt resulted in widespread reactions from all Egyptian circles, which mostly rejected the committee’s activity in Egypt. Pope Shenouda rejects receiving the Congress’ committee and the Grand Shaykh said that bonds...
The author draws a picture about the development of the concept of citizenship since it originated until its present state, asserting that it has consistently been changing depending on historical, political and economical needs.


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