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The bombings of several churches yesterday raised a few important questions about the lives of Christians in Egypt… How do they live?... How do they perform their rituals? How do they celebrate their holidays?... What is the nature of the societal relationship between the two wings of the Egyptian...
Full title: During The Ministry of Endowment’s International Conference… A Coptic Thinker: There are Two Verses in the Qur’ān That Can Resolve All of the World’s Conflicts… and Mujah Ghālib: The Parliament Constitutes Society’s Safety Valve Given its Legislative and Regulatory Roles.    One Hundred...
In March 2007, a referendum changed several articles of the Egyptian Constitution.
This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic.
The author presents a book by a Christian writer that explains the steps of transforming Muslims into Christians and vice versa.  
The author reports on the issue of foreign funding of Egyptian NGOs.  The author comments on the declaration of Dr. Nabīl Lūqā Bibāwī, in which he states that he has been an eyewitness to the foreign funding of two Egyptian NGOs. Labīb wonders why Lūqā has not mentioned the names of these NGOs if...
Pope Shenouda and Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, Minister of Endowments, discussed the PhD defense of Nabīl Lūqā al-Bibāwī entitled, “Christians’ civil and personal status problems under the shadow of Egyptian Law system.”    


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