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On May 14, 2012 the Center for Arab West Understanding (CAWU) discussed the results of its months-long study of Article Two in the Egyptian Constitution. These were presented publically at the Association for Upper Egypt, in the Ramsis area of downtown Cairo.
The Coptic Orthodox Church's Holy Synod formed an 18-member committee that will make a list of nominees for the patriarchic chair. Clergymen on the committee included Bishop Hīdrā of Aswan, Bishop Benjamin of Monufia, Bishop Būla of Tanta, Bishop Abrām of al-Fayoum, Bishop Serapion of Los Angeles...
A number of Coptic men have signed an announcement calling to cancel any Christmas celebrations in Egypt.
Theological researcher Nabīl Habīb conducted a comparative study between the 1938 regulations and its amendments.
Coptic researcher Nabīl Munīr comments on the recent withdrawal of two founding members of the Coptic Laymen Group from the group.
A group of Coptic Orthodox laymen held a conference in which participants proposed new rules for choosing the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The list of rules is meant to replace those that were issued in 1957. They suggested that the future patriarch be a married layman. The church and...
The author discusses Bishop Paphnotius’ ideas because of their importance in clarifying the real crisis that led to the emergence of the laymen’s group.
Nabīl Munīr Ḥabīb, a lawyer and researcher in human rights, imposes five different approaches among Christian circles concerning the issue of church reform. He lists a number of books that discuss church reform throughout the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
In an interview with Rose al-Yūsuf, Nabīl Munīr, attorney and member of the laymen’s conference], said that re-writing the Bible is not a heresy and does not oppose the church or the Holy Bible.
The second session of the laymen’s conference was sequenced by a great uproar mainly caused by inaccurate media reporting. The laymen held what they called “a clarifying press conference” in which they tried to clarify the debatable issues reported by the press.


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