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The author praises the rational reaction of Muslims to the recent provocative film ’Fitna,’ saying that they seem to have learned from previous attacks on Islam.
The author calls for promoting the culture of tolerance and pluralism in society.
Nabīl Najīb Salāmah warns about the increase in the current state of sectarianism in society, saying that it will lead the country into the unknown.
The author reports on speeches being delivered at an Egyptian-German meeting on the importance of the enforcement of citizenship under the civil state that was held after an invitation from the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS].
The author writes about a recent suggestion to make the Coptic New Year celebration day a national celebration of citizenship in Egypt. He refers to the Egyptian society that existed after the revolution of 1919.
Nabīl Najīb Salāmah reviews press coverage of issues such as religious conversion and Muslim-Christian relations, accusing what he calls independent ‘tabloids’ of misusing the scope of freedom of press granted to them.
Two meetings were recently organized to discuss religious fanaticism between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Participants in the two meetings recommended equality and balance in the rights and duties of Muslims and Christians.
Allegations in Alexandria resulted in Christians and Muslims throwing stones and bottles at each other. Christian scholar Muná Makram ‘Ubayd sees under-representation of Copts in political functions as the main reason to expect an escalation in the crisis between state and church Youssef Sidhom...
A few weeks ago, sectarian strife erupted when some Muslim residents of the village of Bimhā in al-‘Ayyāt...
The Supreme Administrative Court has ruled against the right of Copts who have converted to Islam to re-convert to Christianity. The court regards it a manipulation of religion rather than a religious freedom. Scores of Copts and intellectuals have denounced the ruling, believing that it violates...


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