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In response to Fahmī Huwaydī’s recent article regarding a split in Muslim-Christian relations, the author writes to dismiss Huwaydī’s claims.
Nabīl Najīb Salāmah writes about those who have taken the position of defending Islām.
While some consider the proposed anti-terrorism law a violation of an individual’s freedom and privacy, others consider this proposed constitutional text to be a means of avoiding terrorist attacks in Egypt. Arguments about citizenship and article two are still the main subjects of all debates...
The article is a list of the articles published about Christmas in the Egyptian press. The articles did not only touch upon the spiritual connotations and values of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many writers gave their articles a political dimension by expressing their surprise at the discrepancy...
The declaration to establish the Muslim Brotherhood party has triggered a big reaction in the media. Some consider the move to be a political maneuver, due to the dilemma the Brotherhood passed through after students connected to it held a parade at the Azhar University. Others saw it as a step...
A conference held by the Forum for Intercultural Dialogue discussed the importance of dialogue in establishing a coexisting culture and accepting the other.
The article is about the crisis that the Muslim Brotherhood group faces as some of its affiliated students present a military arts show in the campus of the Azhar University.
In the past some Copts have been complaining that the Egyptian press has not given (enough) attention to Christian religious feasts. This is why we have listed the articles related to Easter.
The article says that Muslims and Christians should work together to resolve any problems and let aside any disagreements.
Throughout history, various steps have been taken towards protecting and improving human rights, especially through the United Nations.


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