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The New York Times Magazine published a detailed report about the torture and murder of ItalianPhD student Giulio Regeni who focused in his study on Egyptian street vendors’ union, “hoping to assess their union’s potential to drive political and social change.” He disappeared on the 25th of January...
Dr. ‘Abd al- ‘Azīm Ramadān traces the history of clashes between Islamic groups and the Egyptian government.
Bishop Marqus comments on Bishop Munīr’s text on “Christian minorities in the Islamic world; an Egyptian perspective.”
It is often believed that the best defence is an attack. This is the approach that Yigal Carmon seems to use to defend his institute in the Guardian. His article starts out immediately by accusing Brian Whitaker of the Guardian of selective journalism. But who is selective?
Prejudging a work of art before seeing it is an immature unintelligent attitude. "Knight Without a Horse" can be only judged as it unfolds on TV screens, otherwise it is a very subjective approach to any work of art and amounts to a kind of intellectual and emotional terrorism.
The motivation, objectives and program of an RNSAW workshop for Egyptian journalists in cooperation with the Al-Ahram Institute for Regional Journalism. The workshop is financed by the Dutch Embassy and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and covers human rights issues, women, Western and Arab media, freedom...
Opening a RNSAW workshop for Egyptian journalists.
The writer presents an overview of Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s book “Reflections on the Question of Minorities.’ The book discusses the topic of minorities in the Arab region.
A description of the history of the conflicts around the development of the convent of Patmos on the Cairo-Suez road. This text was written in May 2003 and presented to the Egyptian press center in the hope to get a response from Egyptian authorities. This response has not come.
The organization of "Journalists Without Boundaries" declared, in a statement that it asked Egypt to investigate the incident of two journalists who were attacked while covering the parliamentary elections. The organization said that that it sent a message to the Minister of Interior, in which it...


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