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The article sheds light on Islamic banks and investment of capital companies. They have a religious appearance and a commercial nature. It also comments on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
A review of the media coverage following the Alexandria church stabbings concludes that both Muslims and Christians condemned the attacks and spoke of the need for change in the citizenship rights of Christians.
The author analyses the case of Heidi Hakīm Manqarius Salīb, a Christian girl who converted to Islam. This case was reported in Al-Katība al-Tībīya (The Theban Legion) and on the websites of several Christian organizations as a kidnapping, but in fact there is no proof of any physical force or...
German scholar Dr. Wolfram Reiss on school textbooks in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Iran. Inflammatory and uninvestigated claims about Christian girls being kidnapped. Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mahdī ākif denies the Holocaust.
Born under the ‘State of Emergency’, the author accepted the purely apolitical culture imposed by the Egyptian regime. She recounts her experience at the recent anti-terrorism demonstration in Cairo.
The Islamic Research Institute issued a fatwa confirming that bank interests are permissible and does not involve any type of usury. The fatwa aroused controversy in the banking sector and between a large number of investors to such extent that some of them asked for the abolishment of the so-...
Comments on the article of Dr. Zeinab ‘Abdel Aziz in October Magazine in which she attacks Christian faith. Articles like this have a negative impact on Arab-West and Muslim-Christian relations. Dutch Catholic priest Brother Piet Lindner, friend of AWR, passed away.
Introduction of Arab West Report as the new name for RNSAW. Goals, intentions and principles that AWR aims to achieve. Growing tension and misunderstandings between Western and Arab cultures.
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