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In 2000, after violent protests against it, the anti-Islamic book translated as A Banquet for Seaweed was banned in Egypt. The widespread nature of the protests reflects the domination of religious thought in Egypt; however, the book was defended by Syrian author Hilmī al-Nimnim.   According to al-...
Amin Makram Ebeid's review of Jayson Casper's ZIVIC paper on peacebuilding in Egypt (AWR 2010 Week 2 Article 2)
Watani International comments on its most recent book, ’ Sadat in the memory of Copts: Days of pain and triumph.’ The book was written by Robeir al-Faris. The book is divided into eight chapters and looks at the development of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well as the Nāsir years before...
The Watanī offices received a call from the head of the National Council for Human Rights, Boutros Boutros Ghali accusing Watanī of false reporting.
Translation throughout the Arab world is discussed, in particular the difficultly in marketing and distributing translated works.
Jābir ‘Asfūr publishes the second part of his article ’School of Copts,’ in which he discusses his education at a Coptic school where he spent his childhood with his Coptic classmates and friends.
Sulaymān Shafīq presents a brief overview of the history of Waṭanī since its establishment in 1958 until now. He divides the developments of the 49-year old institution into four main phases.
The following presents an interview between Dr. Hala Mustafa and CIDT interns. Dr. Mustafa comments on her role in the National Democratic Party’s Policies Committee, her opinions on reform in Egypt, critiquing the role of Egyptian security, and the necessary steps needed for reform to take effect.
Rose al-Yousuf magazine has recently been astonished by two successive statements: the first by the Jihād organization issuing a death threat to writer Sayyid al-Qimnī if he does not renounce his thoughts and writings, and the second by al-Qimnī himself announcing his renunciation of all the...
Egypt’s al-Jihād group has stunned public opinion with its recent announcement that it killed al-Ahrām journalist Ridā Hilāl, whose mysterious disappearance a couple of years ago bewildered the security agencies.


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