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A conflict between the church and a Coptic family over the possession of a house in the Upper Egyptian village of Dayr Mawwās ignited sectarian violence in the village when the Coptic family asked for the help of their Muslim neighbors and burnt the car of the bishop and some Coptic’ businesses.
Security sources expressed concern at the mounting activities of the US Embassy and its media bureau in Upper Egypt over the past two years. Security departments reported that 37 American organizations are active in Minia only. According to a secret report of the CIA, Minia is the key to Upper...
There are question marks pertaining to the activities of US organizations – like Catalyst and Catholic Relief Services - in al-Minyā and their relations with Ahmad al-Husaynī, head of information center and head of the Muslim Youth Association.
The village of Bani Walmis in Minya witnessed violent actions during the inauguration of a new church. Muslim residents protested because the tolling of the bells of the church was excessively loud. There was an exchange of words that led to firing bullets from a gun. Ten people were wounded from...
The Mulid of the Virgin Mary in Gabal Al-Teir is the example of the harmony between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Security sources have denied rumors that spread about the threat of Muslims entering the monastery of the Virgin Mary in the wake of the incident of Taha Al-‘Ameda.
Despite all warnings of the activities of foreign NGOs in Egypt which, on the surface, provide medical, educational, agricultural and reclamation services to enhance living standards while in fact they aim at penetrating the Egyptian society by knowing all habits and comportments. Thirty-eight...
A top official from the Religious Freedoms Committee of the U.S. Congress visited the Upper Egyptian governorate of Asyout last Thursday and met with a number of priests including Father Makarius at Abu Qurqās and bishop Paphnotius of Samāllout.
Terrorist actions against the Copts resume in Upper Egypt.
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