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Father Benjamin Mitrī (Bishop  of the Church of St. Mark in Buḥayrah and Maṭrūḥ) died today at the age of 77 after spending around 50 years in priestly service. For his part, Pope Tawāḍrūs II offered his condolences to Bishop Bākhūmiyyūs of Buḥayrah and the priests of his diocese for the...
The nominations committee under Bishop Pachomius, the acting patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, is meeting the 10 monks vying over the papal chair of Saint Mark in succession of Pope Shenouda III, who passed away in March.
The two children left the Beni Suef prosecution to an unknown place after orders to release them as security forces intensified presence in ‘Izbit Marco lest retaliatory acts erupt.
The papal nominations committee under Bishop Pachomius starts meetings today (October 5) at the Anba Bīshūy Monastery in Wādī al-Natrūn, where the body of Pope Shenouda III was laid to rest.
The Holy Synod in a meeting under acting patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church Bishop Pachomius finalized a program of action for the election of the 118th pope to succeed Pope Shenouda III, who died in March, on the chair of Saint Mark the Apostle.
During celebrations commemorating Bishop Pachomius of al-Beheira and the 41st anniversary of his ordination, Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II called on the Egyptian people to pray for the peace of the country and to ask God to protect Egypt from all the dangers threatening her at this time.
The Administrative Judiciary Court under Counselor Farīd Tanāghū, vice-president of the State Council, adjourned cases requesting the abolition of decisions by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) appointing Bishop Pachomius as acting patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The process to elect the 118th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church under acting patriarch Bishop Pachomius are worthy of respect and appreciation for the organizing and behaviors, setting good example and giving hope that Egyptians are capable of actively participating in a fine aspired democracy...
Objections to the president’s decrees caused tension and clashes with members of the Muslim Brotherhood group in a number of governorates, topped by a most heated Alexandria.
The Coptic Orthodox Church is maintaining its position regarding Mursī’s decrees today (November 24) as Bishop Pachomius and Pope Tawadros II are meeting to discuss the constitutional declaration while Coptic activists termed the decrees as a “setback that marks the beginning of the division of...


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