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Sheikhh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant, detained three times last week for breaching the Sermons Law, once again defied a ban on his preaching activities and delivered a political sermon on Friday.
Sheikh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant’s bail was accepted. His Friday sermons were banned five years ago. According his defense lawyer the sheikh told the prosecutor that the message of his sermons "had not been relayed accurately to the prosecution."
For the third time in less than a week, Sheikh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant was detained by the authorities, but this time on charges related to his anti-government editorials as well as earlier charges of delivering political sermons, his lawyers said on Friday.
Former Islamist deputy Abdul Munem Abu Zant was briefly detained on Tuesday for violating the Sermons Law, an official at the Ministry of Interior said.
Amman Governor Qaftan Majali on Monday reiterated controversial demands that women wearing the full-face veil reveal their faces at polling stations in Amman in upcoming nationwide municipal elections in a bid to wipe out possible fraud. Official figures indicate that 50 per cent of over one...
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