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Subtitles: Prominent Copts refuse the American interference in their affairsGeorge Isaac; Take care, some secularist Copts are taking advantage of these reports. Dr. Rafik Habib: America is the last to talk about the human rights in the world. Bishop Aghathon: America is not a country of religions...
The author of the article, Arwá Hasan, discusses the different reactions to the proposal put forward by the National Council on Human Rights concerning the removal of religious data from official documents such as identity cards.
Ahmad Murād and ‘Arwa Hassan investigate the real motives and objectives of conferences held abroad by Egyptian immigrant Copts. Experts and analysts believe that this minority serves anything but the interest of its own homeland.
The article tackles a symposium organized by MENA, the Egyptian official news agency, about Muslim-Coptic coexistence in Egypt. Participants called for sustaining citizenship, away from any religious sentiments and blamed the religious institutions for their negligence in this regard.
The article deals with the controversial statements made by Prime Minister Ahmad Nazīf in which he described Egypt as a "secular state" amidst outcries protesting that the premier’s statements clashed with the constitution.
Some intellectuals have rejected the idea of a film about the life of Christ which they consider an insult to a holy figure.
The head of St. Mark’s Cathedral Committee for National Participation said that he was against terrorism, which was imported to the Arab countries by America in the first place. Journalist Kamal Zakher believed that the real danger was in having a religious interpretation of what was going on....
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
The writer interviews Abu Al-Ela Madi, Deputy of the founding members of the Wasat Party. He discusses Islamic movements, anti-terrorism campaigns, explains religious extremism, and the project of the Wasat Party.
The review deals with the issue of Coptic divorce and Egyptian Orthodox Pope Shenouda’s position rejecting a recent court ruling allowing divorced Copts to remarry.


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