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The RNSAW gave a summary of both Rose el-Yousef articles in RNSAW, week 28, edition July 9-15, 1999. Since several readers asked for the full text that text is given in this issue together with comments from Evangelical Egyptian church leaders. Wa’el Lotfi writes about the opposition of Egypt’s...
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.
Bishop Wissa of Sohag and two of his priests were arrested during the first week of October and charged with damaging relations between Copts and Muslims in a story that has more to do with Egyptian police brutality than sectarian tensions.
The new US Religious Oppression Law that is in the last stages of approval will allow the US to punish countries that it sees as violating religious freedoms. This law is seen by politicians and analysts as an attempt by the US to intervene in the domestic affairs of sovereign countries and a way...
Senator Frank Wolf tried to trap the Coptic Evangelical Church by suggesting to exchange students between Evangelical schools in Egypt and similar schools in Virginia. The surprise was that "The delegation of students will include Muslims and Copts."
The Muslim Brotherhood faces internal dissent.
Orthodox and Evangelical churches attack each other through video tapes.
A profile of Rafiq Habib, a Christian member in the Islamist Wasat party.
Abu Al-Ela Madi announced the presenting of credentials of the New Wasat Party to the parties’ committee after the parties’ court refused to accept the Wasat Party.
Also this bi-weekly discusses the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act and the report of the New York Council of Churches.


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