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Some Egyptian Christian emigrants have always been parroting during the former regime's time that they could not come to Egypt to convene meetings and forums for dialogue over the Christian citizens' cares and problems as well as discrimination and challenges facing equality in Egypt.
 Cornelis Hulsman's farewell speech given at Cairo University in June 2009.
The American Coptic Union calls for sanctions against Egypt. The Coptic Orthodox Church refutes all the union’s “slanders,” stressing the wisdom of Pope Shenouda and the strong national belonging of the church.
AWR report on Christian missionary work in Muslim countries, taking Korean Christian volunteers or missionaries as an example. Discussion of Islamic Endowments in Egypt. Several Arab media outlets showed their anger about the American Coptic Union calling Pope Shenouda a powerless Pope.
The American Coptic Union, whose active members do not exceed ten in number, do not succeed in attracting others because Copts who get to know the organization later discover that it is an illusive entity.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh believes that religious media must first be addressed in order to achieve reform. Bishop Bīshūy sharply criticized Father Zakarīyā Butrus for offending Muslims and Islam in his program on al-Hayāh satellite channel. Comments that offensive statements and problems around church...
The article presents the transcript of a lecture for the Arab Thought Forum. It considers media distortions and mis-representation in the media that only serve to further antagonize Muslim-Christian relations and the perception of Islam and the Arab world in the West. Drs. Cornelis Hulsman explains...
Hulsman highlights a number of major reports that were placed in week 53, all belonging to closing the year 2006 for AWR. This week had been delayed because of the substantial amount of editing and checking that had been needed. This week includes the transcript of the lecture of former Dutch Prime...
The American delegation investigating religious freedoms in Egypt started its meetings with Egyptian prominent religious and public figures. The delegation’s visit to Egypt is receiving wide criticism by almost all Egyptian organisations, intellectuals, and political parties.
German scholar Dr. Wolfram Reiss on school textbooks in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Iran. Inflammatory and uninvestigated claims about Christian girls being kidnapped. Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mahdī ākif denies the Holocaust.


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