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A music video that features a love story between a Christian girl and a Muslim youth seems to have provoked the feelings of followers from both of the two religions.
After the London bombings, problems have increased for Muslims in Europe. As a result, religious scholars have issue fatwas that rescind Islamic practices, such as the veiling of women, in order to bridge the divide between European and Islamic societies.
Difficulties in obtaining NGO status and establishing CIDT. Media attention for AWR work. Interesting reports about Islam in the West, and in particular, the UK.
Recent research findings on the increasing rate of melanoma among girls have raised controversy among Egyptian dermatologists and Muslim scholars, after claims by some Muslim preachers linked skin cancer to revealing clothes worn by young girls.
The author states that Christian ladies wear modest clothes following the example of the Virgin Mary.
In a country proud of old traditions of respecting public freedoms, the new law under debate by the House of Lords has triggered a fuss because it grants the government the power to arrest persons suspected of having links with terrorist organizations.
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