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The article discusses the case of two Christian girls whose father has converted to Islam. A court ruling has ordered that their mother hand over her two children to their father so that they can be raised as Muslims.
A woman appeals against a ruling that has sent her into prison for three years on charges of corrupting her identity card to change religion entry form Islam to Christianity, although she has never had an identity card.
Father Marqus ‘Azīz calls for an apology from Rajab Hilāl Ḥamīdah for his provocative declarations that were interpreted as an invitation to kill Copts.
The article bears an interview with Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī, director of Egypt’s branch of the Canada-based Middle East Christian Association [MECA], who has been under arrest for three months on charges of provoking sectarian strife and scorning religions.
The National Council for Human Rights will hold a conference on citizenship in which most of the presidents of expatriate Copts organization will participate.
The disappearance of minor Christian girls continues. More and more of these types of stories are circulating, characterized only by the differences in personalities and places.
The press continues its investigations into the case of Muḥammad Aḥmad Ḥijāzī, an Egyptian citizen who has converted to Christianity. He has filed the first ever lawsuit to formally prove that he has become a Christian by changing his ID and other official papers. A broad range of opinions and...
The Egyptian judicial system lacks the unified stance and rules that regulate the cases of conversion and its consequences at the Department of Civil Status.
A Coptic lawyer calls the minister of interior to re-authorize the advising and guidance committees for Christians intending convert to Islam. He highlights Egypt’s poor reputation among human rights organization’s due to rumors about forcing Coptic girls to convert to Islam.
The article discusses the triumph of a few Copts who were permitted to re-convert to Christianity, having originally converted to Islam. The author criticizes the double standard in how easy it is to embrace Islam, yet how difficult it is to embrace Christianity.


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