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Pope Tawāḍrūs II has recently been subjected to vicious attacks from some of his opponents within the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Pope Tawāḍrūs II consecrated the baptismal font and icons at the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Demiana [Dimiyāna] in Shubrā after finishing consecrating the church’s six altars.
The following article recounts the important milestones of Pope Tawāḍrūs II’s life, specifically on today, November 4th, his birthday.
Coptic pages on social media have been circulating the opinion of Bishop Raphael [Rāfāʾīl], bishop of the churches of downtown Cairo, on the suicide and sexual orientation of Egyptian activist Sarah Hegazy [Sārah Ḥijāzī]. 
In an unprecedented move, the Rose al-Yūsuf magazine departed from the nation’s typical way, and attacked the Coptic Orthodox Church and its bishops in the Holy Synod. 
The National Press Authority decided to report the editor-in-chief of the magazine Rose al-Youssif [Rūz al-Yūssif] to the authorities for disparaging the Coptic Orthodox Church on the cover of its most recent issue. The commission decided to issue an apology to the church, and the magazine will...
The magazine Rūz al-Yūsif, in its Saturday edition, caused controversy after including a portrait of Bishop Raphael [Rāfāʾīl], who is bishop of the churches in central Cairo, next to Muḥammad Badī’, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, on their front cover. The Church was outraged by its publication...
Is precaution doubting in God’s ability?!  Is using reason to fight the Coronavirus a lack of faith?!  On the margin of these difficult questions, the controversy around using the spoon in the sacrament of the Eucharist again resurfaces thanks to the personal ambitions of some priests and clergy as...
The first Coptic Tunes and Hymns Festival will be held on Tuesday, 30 April, under the title “Symphony” at Anbā Ruways Theater in St. Mark Cathedral of ‘Abbāssiyya.
Within the Coptic Orthodox Church lies a controversial issue: whether to remain strict in the separation of the Church from other churches since the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD, or to open a real dialogue with other communities in order to overcome the differences of the past 16 centuries. 


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