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Al-Maydān claims the Coptic Orthodox Church isolated Bishop Marqus and assigned Bishop Rūfā’īl in his place. Bishop Marques denies this.
The recent crisis between Watanī newspaper and the Church seems to be conciliated after a meeting between the two parties. The meeting resulted in the agreement that Watanī will stick to the ecumenical line of the Church far from any sectarian or denominational lines that might contradict the...
The bishop responded to an article written in Al-Akhbar of June 29, 1997, written by Kamal Zakher Musa, who suggested that the church in Egypt was involved in deceit, and questioned the consecration and age of new bishops. Bishop Musa explains that believers cannot be left without bishops,...
A symposium entitled, ‘How can I live as a Copt?’ held in Shubra, discussed the role of Copts and the importance of their effective contribution to society.
Discussion of the reported apparition of the Virgin Mary at the Malāk Mīkhā’īl Church in Assiut, Egypt.
Osama Salama´s words are sharp, full of anger about Coptic emigrants. People in Egypt, other Arab countries, Europe, the US and Israel itself protest against the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. But where are the voices of the emigrant Copts and Arab Christians? We checked the Copts...
An atmosphere of calmness started to prevail in the Bishopric of Luxor, after three weeks of disputes over the decision of deposing Bishop Ammonius. Akhbar Al-Hawadeth met the poles of the dispute and asked them about what happened and what is going to happen.


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