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The author criticizes calls made by Islamic writer Dr. Muhammad ‘Umāra for the return of an Islamic caliphate under the Muslim Brotherhood. He cites opinions by some scholars who argue that the caliphate belongs only to the history books and can never be applied in contemporary times.
Islamic thinker Dr. Muhammad ‘Umārah has come under attack for his recent remarks about the establishment of Qur’ān Islamic caliphate, in which Muslim clerics are authorized to ensure the enforcement of Islamic laws.
Islamic thinker Jamāl al-Bannā said in this interview with Ākhir Sā‘a magazine that there is nothing in Islam called hadd al-ridda, which he deems as harmful to the tolerance and freedom of Islam, asserting that keeping the power of thought defunct will have unfavorable results.
The author investigates the rampant ultra- religious current and the niqāb phenomenon inside the Fine Arts College in Egypt, starting his 11- page news feature with a photo depicting several female students wearing the niqāb inside the college with a caption reading "this is a photo of...
The author of the article presents the views of the media on the religious satellite channels hosting actresses preaching Islam.
Some Muslim scholars suspect the real aims of the religious satellites. They reject the extremist approach of the channels, believing that they have political purposes.
The author is discussing whether the return of repentant actresses would be acceptable, since they had once considered acting and art as harām.
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