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Background: Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī says Egyptian society is as any society; the impoverished mixed with the wealthy, those who can read and those who cannot. Egypt is a mixed society, but he thinks that Egypt has many resources such as petrol, land, water and metal to make it rich. The main problem...
Three years ago, on February 27, 2013, we interviewed Aḥmad Ashūsh in our office. These were the days of President Muhammad Mursī and we then made efforts to understand the motivations of the different people involved various Islamists movements. Aḥmad Ashūsh was arrested in October 2013 for the...
Paul Berman discusses the impact that radical and political Islam has had in Iraq, particularly in relation to its impact on relations with the U.S., and the misinterpretation of these ideologies amongst many Western intellectual circles.
The author presents an interview with Dr. Ḥamdī Zaqzūq the minister of endowments, where he talks about his opinion concerning dialogue between civilizations.
This is an article about American thinker John Esposito, who aims to reach the truth behind Islām and the motives of the Islamic resurgence movements. He established the Center of Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington.
Dr. Mohammed Emara, a well-known Islamist writer, comments in el-Shaab, generally considered the mouth-piece of the Muslim Brotherhood, about an article in Al-Ahram, describing the stereotyped pictures of Arabs in the American mass media. Emara writes that the Western media cannot be changed...
Usāma Ghayth discusses the new American crusades on the Islamic world after September 11. He argues that the American conservative right had the most to gain after the events of September 11.
The writer gives a short and brief analysis of the US attitude towards Islam and its concepts. He presents some historical evidences to support his ideas
The late US president, Richard Nixon, wrote in his book about the Muslim world that Americans must be careful to draw a line between the conduct of Muslim extremists and the Muslim faith.


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