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The Coptic Orthodox Church Thursday called on all citizens to work on building a powerful future for Egypt and preserving the nation’s top interests. [Ashraf Sādiq, al-Ahrām, Feb. 9, p. 4] Read original text in Arabic
The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo approved by majority during its annual meeting on Friday (January 20) on the ordaining of women as priests for the first time in the history of all Christian denomination in Egypt. ['Imād Khalīl, al-Misrī al-Yawm, Jan. 21, p. 3] Read original text in...
 Experts call for building a modern Egypt and working towards agreement away from clashes from some of the religious movements, and also called for canceling the religion section to stop religious discrimination.
The three Egyptian Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches praised the document issued by the Azhar and expressed appreciation for the "national role" played by the Azhar institution to "mend the rift" among the political factions.
A group of expatriate Copts affirmed during a meeting with caretaker Prime Minister 'Isām Sharaf on March 12 their keenness on interacting politically and socio-economically and backing Egypt in this "critical stage."
Coptic activist Boulos Ramzī found himself protesting alone outside the Supreme Court against Bishop Bīshūy's statements regarding the Qur'ān. Ramzī claims many Protestants would have attended the protest if it weren't for Pope Shenouda’s orders. Reverend Rif<sup>c</sup>at Fikrī denied...
Salim Al-Awwa's allegation of Copts hiding weapons in churches and detaining converts to Islam on the Al-Jazeera channel sparked various reactions. Representative of the Congregation Council, Father Salib Matta Sawiris, denied Salim's allegations and called them "sick". Essam Sultan urged Coptic...
This article examines the termination of the TV program by former Qummus (Archpriest) Zakarīā Butrus. Both Christians and Muslims disagreed with much of Butrus’ beliefs.
The author reports on the consequences of the recent Orthodox-Evangelical dispute.
The Egyptian government allowed Coptic satellite channel Agape to broadcast on the Egyptian satellite NileSat. The step was hailed as a good sign of the state’s moderation.


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