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A pastor in the Evangelical Church has built a Web site in which he discusses the Evangelical Church and points out its problems in a sarcastic manner. The Web site also contains theological, Biblical, and doctrinal studies and sermons.
The article discusses the recent charter that Arab Information Ministers agreed upon during a meeting in Cairo on February 12. Many commentators believe that it is just another way for the government to impose restrictions on freedom of speech.
Robier al-Fāris reviews a newly-launched Web site by an Evangelical pastor who sarcastically criticizes the conditions of the Egyptian church.
The author thinks all Muslims are accused of terrorism unless they accept kneeling before the Western hegemony.
The author, Robier al-Fāris, reports on a conflict between Bishop Paphnotius of Samālūt and Bishop Bīshūy, secretary of the Holy Synod.
The author addresses the brutal campaign that Islamists have launched against the businessman Najīb Sawirus and declares his support and admiration for the tycoon. He applauds the Egyptians against Religious Discrimination group’s statement in defense of Sawirus.
Robeir al-Faris recently published a book entitled, ‘The Muslim Brothers (MB) and the Copts…Repercussions of Confrontation and Dialogue.’ The following article presents an overview of the book.
Robier al-Fāris interviews Rev. Dr. Tharwat Qādis, the first Egyptian pastor in the German Evangelical Church and professor of Dialogue at both the University of Frankfort and the Evangelical Theological Seminary, who spoke about his experience in inter-religious dialogue meetings.
After being bound to religious issues, church theaters in Egypt are evolving to tackle current burning issue. ‘Show respect; we are in church,’ is the title of the courageous play performed recently at the ‘Abbāsīyah Cathedral.
Muslim author Jamāl al-Bannā stated that Western nations are targeting Egypt’s social order and national unity. The chairman of the Middle East Christians Association claimed that Christians have much fewer churches in relation to their proportion of the population than Muslims have mosques....


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