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Robeir al-Faris discusses the decision announced by Shaykh Ṭanṭāwī regarding permitting Copts to study at the Azhar. He further mentions the recent furor caused by a documentary that depicts Christ from a Muslim perspective.
Archpriest Father Athanasius Butrus of Mar Girgis Church in Manshīyat al-Sadr district, Cairo, recalls his memories of Ramaḍān.
The article reviews a book authored by Bishop Paphnotius, the bishop of Samālūṭ, entitled, ‘Min-Abhāth al-Qānūn al-Kanasī: Muqawimāt al-Usquf wa-Rakā’izahu’ [From the Research on the Church Regulations: Fundamentals and Pillars of the Bishop]. In the book, Paphnotius draws the borders and powers...
The article reviews the historical facts regarding the relationship between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Church.
Robeir al-Faris discusses a recently published book entitled, ‘Evidence of the Greatness of Mohamed’s Message and Prophesies of it in the books of the People of the Book,’ written by Mohamed al-Sadat. He considers the message presented in the book, specifically the offenses that it present against...
The article discusses the rumors surrounding a document issued by U.S. AID regarding their annual aid to Egypt. It addresses the belief that the U.S. aid is being funnelled into areas with a Coptic majority.
The following article presents an interview with Coptic Catholic Metropolitan Kyrillos William, bishop of Assuit. Metropolitan William speaks about the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt in general and Assiut in particular. He provides information about the number of Coptic Catholics in Egypt and the...
Robier al-Fāris reviews a recently-released book by ‘Ādil al-Batūsī about Pope Shenouda III as a humorous poet entitled, ‘The Humorous Poetry of the Pope.’ Al-Fāris discusses the issue of comics in the Coptic Orthodox theology among supporters and opponents.
The article talks about symbols and mysteries of church buildings. It reviews Mīlād Zakī’s book entitled, ‘Al-Kanīsah: mā-Narāh bi-Dākhilihā wa-Khārijahā’ [The Church, what we see Inside and Outside it], to explain the history and sacred symbols of churches.
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Ethiopia believes that the journey of the Holy Family was to Ethiopia, not Egypt.


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