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Robier al-Faris reports on Father ‘Abd al-Massīh Basīt’s book in which he refutes the claims of James Cameron concerning ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus.’
The article discusses of number of issues affecting the Coptic community in Egypt. It focuses on discrimination and divisive acts that lead to more splits within Egyptian society.
In the following interview Patriarch Gregorious III Lahhām of Antioch and the Orient calls on Christians of the Arab world to have a more active role in their societies. He highlighted the Christians’ service of positive influence on their societies.
Some clerics - shaykhs and priests - have suddenly turned into experts in economics, sociology, chemistry and physics as well as politicians who advise people to follow their opinions through Fatāwá, the observance of which is obedience to God and their breach considered apostasy.
A list of articles published in Arabic press available in Egypt on “the passion of the Christ”.
A series of articles from the previous week that focus on issues and incidents that pertain to Copts. The topics range from legal critique of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution to discussions about the accessibility of education for minorities.
The article presents a brief overview of the most important events that have happened in Egyptian churches during 2006.
A controversial book is released during the Christmas period denouncing Christians as apostates who can legitimately be killed.
In this article the author reviews the main ideas mentioned in the book that created huge debate entitled, ‘Aṣwāmanā bayn al-Māḍī wa-al-Ḥādir...Uṣūlahā al-Rawḥīyah wa-Juzūrahā al-Tārikhīyah’ [Our Fasting between Past and Present...its Spiritual Basis and Historical Origins] written by Father...
Watani International interviews Pope Gregorious III Lahham during his recent trip to Egypt. The pope discusses his view of Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East, Christian isolation, and his opinion of problems facing Christians throughout the Arab world.


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