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The author reviews a book by an angry Copt, whose nom de guerre is "Christian Guevara," in which he criticized priests in the Coptic Orthodox Church and their shallow interests in attacking a movie they thought derided their sanctities while doing nothing about, for instance, the problem of...
This review outlines statements made about Max Michel, who has named himself Archbishop Maximus and claims to be the patriarch of the Orthodox Copts.
Rūbīr al-Fāris writes about the history of the Sisters of Charity Federation, founded by St. Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac in France in 1633.
The author in this article wonders whether the idea of the Catholic patriarch’s resignation could be applicable in the situation of the Egyptian Orthodox church.
The author makes a comparison between two students that got master’s degrees with honor, and the wide gap between them.
The author focuses on the Coptic library of Mar Marqus which contains a large number of rare manuscripts and books, as well as Pope Shenouda’s decision to appoint 40 Coptic public figures to the library’s board of trustees.
The report examines the definitions of polemics, the differing views of what constitutes polemics, including the Danish cartoons and the play in Alexandria which led to sectarian violence, Mīzān al-Haqq, a 19th century Christian polemical book against Islam and the Gospel of Barnabas, which is the...
Robert al-Fāris reports on the importance of the ritual of confession for the Coptic Orthodox Church, as well as the qualifications of a priest who hears confessions and the regulations that control this practice.
The author gives a brief idea about the five Christian denominations in the Arab world, the numbers of their followers and their distinguishing beliefs. These five denominations are: The Greek Orthodox, the Assyrians, the non-Chalcedonian Orthodox, the Catholics and the Protestants. He states that...
The author gives a brief glimpse of the life of Pope Shenouda III and his positions on national issues on the occasion of his 80th birthday


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