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The author discusses the reasons behind keeping the relics of saints in churches and monasteries. He raises many questions about how relics are known to belong to a certain saint. Are there complete relics of saints that have not been decayed?
In light of the latest reports about Islamic religious institutions and its authority to ban religious books, the author comments on the freedom of expression within the church and the role Christian religious institutions play in that respect.
The article is an overview of a book titled “The mandates of the Ecclesiastical Judiciary in Egypt in the Different Eras” by Magdi Sadeq, a teacher at the Coptic Studies Institute. The book discusses the mandates of the church when it comes to judiciary system during the Arabic-Islamic era, the...
Television programs have a great effect on public opinion and often become topics of discussion. The author comments on Coptic television characters to date. He hopes for more and better Coptic roles in the future and for a special program each day for Copts. With an RNSAW comment.
The author wonders about priests’ private businesses and the view that clergymen have to be fully devoted to the duties and responsibilities of priesthood.
The author writes that intellectual battles over Orthodox precepts have surfaced again between Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Father Matta al-Miskīn.
The authors harshly criticize the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitudes towards women and Copts.
An investigation into the Wafaa’ Costantine case, in which the wife of a Coptic priest converted to Islam, prompting sectarian strife.
An article about Coptic prophecies of future events.
With its wealth of churches, the site known as Misr al-Qadima or Old Cairo is one of the richest regions in Cairo with Coptic monuments. The Coptic Heritage Lovers Society (CHLS) earlier this month held a three-day conference at the Mar Mina Church in Fomm al-Khaleeg, Old Cairo, the second such...


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