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The author accuses the West of double standards and calls for a campaign of solidarity with former French civil servant Bruno Guigue.
The article shows a number of stories of well known intellectuals, artists and athletes who have converted to different religions as the freedom of faith is so greatly respected in the West.
The author rejects the slogan that political Islām movements lift which says, ‘Islam is the solution.’ He believes that Islām without mind or science will not be enough to realize the long-waited progress of Islamic societies.
The author of the article presents intellectuals’ views questioning the Holocaust.
Kāmil Zuhayrī writes about Roger Garaudy [Editor: a French writer and Muslim convert], his books and ideas about dialogue.
The article claims that the West uses double standards in dealing with Arab and Muslim countries, and that this became clear with the Prophet Muhammad cartoon crisis.
Western double standards are exposed. Attacking and defamation against Islam, in which 1.3 billion people over the world believe, has become the objective of many westerner politicians and intellectuals. While any one who approaches the Jews will be accused of being anti-Semitic.
Whoever wants to get acquainted with the sources of terror will have to delve deep into our heritage. Without directly examining the very roots of our way of thinking, one can never eradicate the paralysis of the intellect.
The orientalist René Genou converted to Islam after first converting from Christianity to Masonic beliefs. He found refuge and peace of mind in Islam, which is still hanging to spiritual values that are no longer present in the West.
The rage against Islam did not start with September 11 but September 11 brought the already existing feelings in the open. Therefore, Muslims have to move from within the Western nations, speak their language and use the logic they understand in order to remove the preconceived ideas and...


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