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This article criticizes the Supreme Press Council of Egypt for not allowing a publication license to Watani Braille, a monthly publication of material selected from Watani and printed in Braille for the visually impaired. The Council continues to ask for information that has already been submitted...
Seven Egyptian parties submit a document to the government that includes a general framework for solving Coptic problems.
The issue of culling and executing all pigs in Egypt dominated the discussions of the Shūrá Council last week.
The author congratulates readers on the occasion of Easter.
The author says that Safwat al-Sharīf comments at the Shūrá council about the restraint of security apparatus in al-Mahallah al-Kubrá’s demonstrations were totally untrue.
Copts of the southern city of Assiut have sent a letter to the president complaining about the promotion of a sectarian figure of the ruling National Democratic Party, Muhammad ‘Abd al-Muhsin Sālih, who has been accused of proselytizing a number of Christian families.
The Egyptian Shūrá Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed their discontentment with British officers’ way of dealing with Pope Shenouda III at Heathrow Airport and announced that Egypt will treat British diplomats in its airports in the same way. Dr. Abū al-Ghayt, Egypt’s minister of...
The Shūrá Council has approved a project law to prevent demonstrations in houses of worship. The majority of Egyptian political parties and authorities approved the decision, but certain people have expressed their opposition to it.
Dr. Butrus Butrus Ghālī, the former secretary general of the UN and chairman of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt discusses the situation in Egypt in relation to international events and provides information about the council’s activities.
January 7 is the day when Copts, in accordance with the Coptic calendar, celebrate Christmas. The occasion received a significant amount of attention in the Egyptian press that published a considerable number of articles about Coptic issues in general and the Christmas celebrations in particular....


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