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Dr. Butrus Butrus Ghālī, the former secretary general of the UN and chairman of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt discusses the situation in Egypt in relation to international events and provides information about the council’s activities.
January 7 is the day when Copts, in accordance with the Coptic calendar, celebrate Christmas. The occasion received a significant amount of attention in the Egyptian press that published a considerable number of articles about Coptic issues in general and the Christmas celebrations in particular....
15 Egyptian independent newspapers refused to publish their publications on October 7, 2007. Other newspapers criticized the gesture and its motivations, choosing instead to express themselves “positively.” Freedom of the press is a pivotal issue in Egyptian media nowadays.
The phenomenon of Christians organizing Iftār banquets for Muslims during the month of Ramad...
This article shows the opinions of a number of leading journalists regarding the state-owned press and the calls to privatize it.
The National Council of Human Rights is preparing a draft law about the standards of building houses of worship in Egypt. The repeated incidents of sectarian violence revealed the double standards adopted by the Egyptian government in tackling the issue.
Days before the Shūrá Council elections, the electoral campaigns have witnessed heated battles between the candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruling National Democratic Party. Both struggling blocks have accused each other of violating the law and showing religious references on their...
Authorities in Egypt have agreed to license a political party named the Democratic Front led by Usāmah al-Ghazūlī, a defector from the ruling National Democratic Party.
Although the recent amendments to the Egyptian Constitution ban any political participation that uses religious slogans or authorities, the Muslim Brotherhood has declared it would enter the coming elections of the Shūrá Council with their famous slogan, "Islam is the Solution."
A number of Catholic and Orthodox church leaders have sent letters to leaders of the NDP recommending Marqus Ishāq Nakhlah as an NDP candidate for the Sh?rá Council in Cairo’s eastern constituency.


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