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Egyptian authorities set free a left wing activist, Kamal Khalil, head of Socialist Studies Center, and other 14 activists who were seized during the last two months for participating in demonstrations against war on Iraq. Moreover, the Azhar Mosque witnessed an anti-war demonstration after the...
The recent terrorist attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh executed by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades which claimed 85 lives and left more than 200 injured are nothing but the last in a long line of terrorist events in Egypt and the entire world.
Former Czech President Vaclav Havel wrote in the first chapter of his book “Summer Meditations” that he had to utilize the minimum level of every person’s positive trends in a bid to put an end to the chaos emerged following he collapse of his country’s old totalitarian regime.
Iran has handed over Mustafa Hamza, the prominent key figure of The Gama’a Al-Islamiya [Islamic Group.] Hamza is currently detained in an Egyptian prison, according to Hani Al-Siba’i, the director of Al-Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies in London.
A Muslim woman who converted to Christianity expressed the author her wish to tell her story to all people. Sidhom told her that people who make their conversion stories public face hard time. However, since the state-owned Nile TV channel started to broadcast a program presenting cases of people...
Prejudging a work of art before seeing it is an immature unintelligent attitude. "Knight Without a Horse" can be only judged as it unfolds on TV screens, otherwise it is a very subjective approach to any work of art and amounts to a kind of intellectual and emotional terrorism.
The series “Knight Without a Horse” aroused debate in the Egyptian and Arab press. Most writers supported the airing of the series, but a few criticized Egypt´s obsession with anti-Semitic writings. The Egyptian Information Minister stated that the series contains nothing that can be considered...
The statements of Pope Shenouda are praised. The Egyptian press is criticized for criticizing Pope Shenouda.
Nabīl Zakī believes that Egypt is now at a crossroads between a religious and a civil state.
Shoura Council Speaker Safwat al-Sharīf has received an official notice from lawyer Nabīh al-Wahsh calling for denying the Bahā’is any chance to set up a political party in Egypt.


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