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Police at Cairo Airport denied Lebanese singer Najwa Karam entry last Thursday and sent her back to Beirut aboard the same plane she had boarded to Egypt.
Nagwa Karam sent a letter to the Minister of Information, Safwat Al-Sherif, urging him to allow her to enter Egypt. The Lebanese singer who is accused of insulting Islam said that she is innocent of all these untrue accusations. Nagwa made clear that she is facing a campaign aiming at distorting...
The Grand Imam of the Azhar is a respectable scholar and a shrewd jurist who opens his heart to different opinions. He welcomes a dialogue with anyone on condition that he sticks to the rules of dialogue.
Information Minister Safwat El-Sherif condemned the campaign against Egypt by the foreign media concerning allegations that Christians are being persecuted. In an interview published in a London newspaper yesterday, El-Sherif announced that these allegations were unfounded and rely on fabricated...
The article sees the closure of el-Destour after its publication of a call to murder three Coptic businessmen as a set back for the freedom of press.


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