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Egypt had witnessed some great days in which the Muslims and Christians shared their festivals together. Egypt’s atmosphere was full of love, tolerance, and faithfulness. The Muslims and Christians used to share their fasting together and to pray together in order to protect Egypt and establish...
The dispute over the new Associations Law has drawn lots of attention and while it was approved by a parliament majority, the majority of the Egyptian public disapproved of it. This is not merely an impression but an observation gleaned from empirical evidence in Egyptian public life.
A delegation from the Labor party headed by Ibrahim Shoukry participated in the celebration held by the Pope Shenouda III, the Pope of Alexandria. The Labor party is mainly Islamist and dominated by Muslim Brothers.
In the previous articles in Usbua reference was made to this article. The RNSAW found the text and translated it for its readers. Maurice Sadek is accused of demanding foreign intervention to protect the Copts of Egypt. Sadek explains his views.
The Coptic lawyer Morris Sadeq is suing a Coptic researcher who described Sadeq’s actions as violence against the state.
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